Our Commitment: COVID-19

We want to let all our clients and operational partners know, that as an essential service provider, we are operating business-as-usual. There are some minor alteration’s in staffing capacity during the pandemic.

We are actively checking for updates from DHHS, Master Builders, Strata Community Australia and the Insurance Council of Australia.

How we are responding with our property repair (Insurance, Body Corp, NDIS) services:

  • We are in a ‘Business as Usual’ state after the Insurance Council of Australia confirmed we are deemed an essential service
  • We have reduced our staffing to skeleton model
  • Our Business Continuity Plan is 100% operational with majority of our staff operating remotely (from home)
  • We are very pleased to report that our cloud-based phones and job management application, internet, infrastructure is in full surge and has not experienced any distress
  • Productivity levels are being maintained and the team are really doing their part to support this response
  • We have offered family friendly shift timeslots for the staff with school children at home which continues to work well
  • Scripting and process remains in place across the board to ensure we protect our people, our trades, our service providers, and customers
  • Trades and suppliers – we are ensuring that all suppliers are adhering to government guidelines around social distancing etc to ensure the safety and comfort of your customers
  • We have also provided ‘authorised worker’ identification to our trade base to minimise any disruptions to their travel and site access
  • The cross functional team continues to catchup daily. This team is responsible for any rapid response requirements, will make clear decisions, monitor and take control of the situation
  • We continue to send out weekly emails, newsletters to staff, trades, suppliers which focus on motivation, health & wellbeing, operational updates, performance updates and special announcements. These are proving to be very successful and keeping everyone informed.

We continue to remain 100% focused on delivering in this time where the industry is still responding to business as usual claims and the back to back CAT’s that we have experienced in the recent past.

Again we want to reinforce that we are pushing a ‘One Team’ mentality and as individuals we all have shared responsibilities, to our role, to each other as colleagues, to the business and to the Australian economy.

For further information on Pirelli Building Groups COVID-19 response, please contact

Following documents are also available upon request:

  • COVID Safe Plan
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Safety Fact COVID-19 Physical Distancing and Face Covering at Work
  • COVID - Response Field Workers
  • Autorised Repair Certificate.