Environmental Policy

Pirelli Building Group are committed to continuously improving sustainable environmental performance by ensuring all activities and processes conducted by employees and contractors have minimal impact on people, places and the environment including the local communities in which our business operate.

Our Objective

To uphold the environmental and sustainability values of customers and Pirelli Building Group using consistent and robust standards and processes relative to the nature, context and scale of activities, products and services we provide and procure.

Our Methods

At Pirelli Building Group we will meet this objective by:

  • Complying with our customer’s and our own national, local and industry based legal and regulatory requirements through positive and proactive engagement and consultation;
  • Identifying and understanding the environmental aspects inherent to the activities we undertake and effectively assessing, controlling and managing those potential impacts;
  • Providing adequate commitment and operational support to protect the environment from harm;
  • Ensuring appropriate objectives and targets for Key Performance Indicators are implemented to enable the continual review of our environmental performance;
  • Pursuing continual improvement of our Environmental Management System to ensure the business has the appropriate tools to effectively control and manage relevant environmental aspects and impacts;
  • Providing adequate infrastructure, resources and services to enhance our customer and community experience and satisfaction;
  • Establishing roles, responsibilities and accountabilities and ensuring that appropriate environment and sustainability training and awareness to our employees and contractors is undertaken;
  • Using natural resources and materials efficiently by seeking to avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle materials as far as practical to minimise our energy, waste and water footprint;
  • Protecting our local community values by enhancing the biodiversity and natural amenity of areas in which we directly operate and interact