Quality Policy

Pirelli Building Group is committed to a process of continuous improvement and efficient operations by learning on the job and our years of experience that is effectively implemented.

This ensures planned activities are monitored to achieve the intended results and opportunities for improvement are identified and implemented.

Our Methods

At Pirelli Building Group we will meet this objective by:

  • Promoting a performance standard of zero defects
  • Ensuring the management system is reviewed annually
  • Establishing appropriate quality strategies, objectives and targets
  • Providing adequate resources to establish, implement, maintain and improve the management system
  • Effectively integrating, implementing and maintaining the management system across all spectrums of our operations
  • Monitoring and measuring the management system, its implementation and effectiveness
  • Encouraging a culture of continuous improvement through the implementation of improvement programs
  • Actively encouraging collaboration and open communication amongst clients and contractors in order to share expertise and best practice
  • Ensuring the availability of the management system across the organisation and providing effective mechanisms for communication and knowledge sharing, and
  • Ensuring the management system is subject to ongoing improvement based upon feedback – together with management reviews – to ensure it continues to meet our requirements.